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Kit Kat Lounge Shantell Dmarco 7

Shantell D’marco

Born in Havana, Cuba & raised in Miami, Florida. Former Miss Florida Fi and Miss Continental as well as first alternate to Miss International Queen in Thailand and also first alternate to Miss Trans Star International in Barcelona, Spain.

She loves all types and genres of music & is a bit of an old soul. She can describe her drag to be unrehearsed, passionate, exciting, intriguing and sensual while always delivering a class act. She has worked for casts such as Parliament House in Orlando, FL and The Baton.

Her passions are fashion and acting and her goal is to always deliver both of these when entertaining. Her goals into the future are to keep growing, evolving & staying true to her brand while chasing her dreams (which are many) because nothing is impossible! An untouchable beauty, Miss Shantell Dā€™ Marco!



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