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Melony Munro Kit Kat Chicago (2)

Melony Munro

The sweetest ginger in showbiz, Melony Munro Performs has been entertaining across state lines for over ten years. Originally from Ohio, she now resides in Orlando, Florida on cast at the World Famous Parliament House. An amalgamation of beauty, brains, and pop culture, her art often takes on the form of glamour mixed with geek.

Melony has been involved in national pageantry and is ranked as one of the brightest up and coming entertainers in the United States. As a Miss Renaissance and second Alt to Miss Continental among numerous other regional and state titles, her future is bright to say the least.

Her choice of material to perform spans old school to new school hitting everything along the way such as country, disco and show tunes! Her favorite things to perform though, are her mixes which are often as fun, cheeky and unpredictable as she is!



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